TeleHealth Technological Solution

PLANO-A’s purpose is the development, implementation and assessment of a telehealth platform that will monitor and track citizens with chronic diseases and/or COVID-19.


Platform Architecture

PLANO-A aims to develop a technological infrastructure that will serve as the foundation for its diagnostic assistance and remote surveillance platform (APOLO), subsequently evaluating its success and the satisfaction of its users – health professionals and their patients.

COVID-19 has made it more important than ever to use telehealth to streamline the entire process of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients, thus minimizing visits to health institutions, maintaining the continuum of care and improving the quality of services provided by the SNS.

Plataform Applications

The PLANO-A platform is a system for providing remote health services with the aid of information and communication technologies designed to expedite and improve them. These include a set of mobile and desktop applications for both health professionals and SNS (Portuguese National Health Services) patients.


It aims to meet the need for the monitorization of patients with chronic diseases, namely Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Depression, Sleep Disorders, and, of course, Covid-19.


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Resultados do Projecto

Custos Telecomunicação

-200,00 €

Poupança Deslocações

+500,00 €

Avaliação de Satisfação
(dos doentes com a plataforma de telemonitorização)
Muito Satisfeitos